A lifetime of passionate artistry…

Meet Kian. A deep well of creativity displays itself on each plank of hardwood flooring that he gets his hands on! While attending interior design school in his youth, Kian discovered the endless possibilities of finishes, chemical treatments, paints and textures that could be applied to wood and he became so captivated by the techniques that created looks that he had never seen achieved before. From that day to this, he has spent his entire career developing one masterpiece after another.

Today, Kian has become known as one of the top flooring designers in the hardwood flooring industry. With his own manufacturing in North America and Asia, servicing a global market with ever changing demands is an initiative that is attainable. At the same time, custom work for discerning designers and owners is a sustaining passion for Kian. The floors you will see on this web site are a few of the thousands of designs Kian has created for custom projects, idea galleries and for relative architectural and interior design styles.

At the pinnacle of his ability with 35 years of experience, Kian’s most valued work is in conjunction with other passionate people who are exhilarated by creating an ensemble of the most perfectly intertwined elements of materials, colors and craftsmanship in a space for people to work and dwell. Ultra modern or old world, glossy piano white, metallic gold or ebonized only matters inside the concept you want to create into reality and Kian wants to help make that achievable.

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