Custom wood floors are our ultimate specialty! If you want to create a floor from your vision into reality you have found the right place. We work in conjunction with designers around the globe to define and create the most spectacular and original floors. The experience Kian and his team have at listening, communicating and composing the perfect floor as an intricate detail of your interior design is something we take great pride in. Always be willing to ask the question, “what if”. Upon that question lies the foundation of discovery, invention and remarkable creation.

Custom wood floors always start with a vision. As an artist chooses his canvas we must choose a material that brings a natural element of beauty and grace to any color scheme. Unique to art on wooden materials is a blend of Nature’s creativity melded with our own. The vast array of hardwoods and softwoods as well as reclaimed materials at our disposal is awe inspiring. There is really no limit to the resources we have for wood species, styles of fabrication, patterns, paquets, planks, etc that we utilize to marry the perfect specification for your function and taste. Read more about materials here.

After selecting a material, we use any and all available finishes, colors, pigments, dyes, paints, (safe) chemical treatments, hand applications, layers, fillers, machine applications, tools for distressing and shaping the wood exactly according to the design we have laid out. The process of designing a floor should be exciting and enjoyable. If you need ideas for a starting place, we have posted many pictures in our galleries for you to review allowing us to have a starting place to begin formulating your floor or wall decor at the outset.