Interesting and defining of human nature are “trends”. If you’ve been doing anything long enough you start to see waves of interest enough to begin to be able to foresee what is unique and different now will become the norm just prior to being defined as ancient history. You almost have to be able to laugh at this part of human nature before you can step back and see the bigger picture. Beauty is universal. Color is inspirational. Light, reflection, depth, emotion, and personality are all elements of any design that are unspoken and yet very real in intuitive to our senses. Kian is a master designer because he has studied all of the elements of materials, finishes and color that impact a spacial environment that most don’t realize they’re sensing. He has studied material and color trends long enough that he has become an influence upon trends to bring more beauty to architectural environments through design.

Today, French cut oak is one of the largest trends in the industry. European oak hardwood flooring, especially oaks from Germany and France have an exceptional grain pattern, density of grain and tannin structure unmatched in beauty by oaks from other regions of the world. In addition to this trend, Engineered hardwoods have been years in advancing in terms of quality and acceptance among top designers, builders and developers of our industry. Engineered laminations of hardwoods was first perfected by German engineers and so it goes hand in hand that wide plank floors should be made of live sawn european oak. As manufacturer and purveyors of specialty hardwood floors we are able to provide premier quality products in European Oak as esteemed by the finest of interior settings.

Wide Plank European Oak Flooring, Unfinished Raw Canvas

Even though trends are leading options for a design canvas, there are hundreds of options for hardwood materials, species, color and grain patterns as options for your composition. We love reclaimed hardwoods for their unique beauty and their thoughtfulness toward recycling our natural resources. Walnut and Maple are smoother grained and more elegant domestic species while Sapele, Afromosia, Celtis from Africa or White Mahogany, Peruvian Walnut, Moabi or Sucupira from South America all introduce unique and beautiful original elements to form the right fashion for your feet.

Literally any product we want to start with can either be made or found to create your masterpiece.