Our Team Values for Service and Success

Personal touch is everything to us at Designs by Kian. If there is a way, we will find it. If it’s possible, we will try it. If it’s hard, we will meet it head on. Our team is carefully selected for their knowledge and skill in the wood flooring and finishing industry, but more than that for their desire to always do the right thing and to treat people with the kind of service and respect they need in order to find fulfillment in helping design, create and procure their custom floor.

It is not said often enough that “there are no emergencies in the wood flooring business.” To maintain this motto we strive to keep calm, communicate clearly, anticipate needs or problems and be a proponent of expressed preference. We aim to do what we say we will do and to meet or exceed client expectations consistently. Our staff is comprised of people who make this level of integrity and service a high priority.

Hard work and integrity are cornerstones of our success and we stand by them unwaveringly. Kian himself is often communicating directly with the designers and owners to hear exactly what they want or to help explain technical aspects of the design. Our sales and service team travel the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia to assist our customers directly with material acquisition, design management and program development. Customers will be connected with their most local regional staff person to help in any way possible.

Please call or email us directly for more information on how to engage our team to help with your designs.